We offer a super-affordable web-to-SMS text messaging service that allows businesses to grow their customer lists and increase sales by easily reaching out to new and potential customers. How? Through text messages containing coupons or other incentives.Web-to-SMS is different, and simpler, than typical SMS. Why? People sign up on a regular website form, supplying their phone numbers instead of their email addresses. The business then accesses our backend autoresponder system to send email blasts to subscribers.View a sample of our web-to-SMS form and try it out here.

What makes our system stand out over others? We offer flat monthly subscription rates that are very affordable. We do not charge per-text fees, like these typical per-text rates from other providers:

  • Send four messages a week to 1,000 subscribers, pay $40/week or $120/month
  • Send four messages a week to 2,000 subscribers, pay $80/week or $240/month
  • Send four messages a week to 5,000 subscribers, pay $200/week or $800/month

Ouch! Hey, it adds up fast.

Our SMS service features:

  • Flat monthly fee
  • Collect Mobile Leads Via Web Page Op-In Form
  • Manage Mobile Leads and Export Them Via CSV
  • Integrated Custom Autoresponder
  • Global Mobile Carrier Support
  • Send Unlimited SMS messages
  • No Fees or Hidden Contracts
  • Option to Schedule Blasts

How it Works

So what are you waiting for? Get Started



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